Optimal Soccer Betting Guide for Beginners

Soccer Betting Guide for Beginners

Sports betting is an activity that many people engage in, but few are successful. Oftentimes though, a successful bet won’t always be the case for a single bettor. Losing a bet is always on the horizon, a relatively certain possibility that bettors aim to fight with knowledge and strategy. If you want to learn how to bet on soccer, keep reading this soccer betting guide for beginners. It contains some beginning tips for newbie bettors, discussing types of bets in soccer, how to bet on soccer, and some errors in soccer betting to avoid. 

Making money through betting requires knowledge and skill. Meaning to say, you have to be willing to do the work of studying soccer matches, learning about different types of bets, and preparing your own strategy.

The first thing that you need is information about various soccer leagues around the world, including team formations and playing styles. This will help you to determine which teams may be likely to win and how the results of different matches will affect your bets.

Another thing you should familiarise yourself with is betting odds. By studying betting odds, you can figure out what types of bets are best for your budget and playing style. This means that you will need to learn about the various types of bets available and how they work, which we’ll be touching upon later on in this guide.

Furthermore, a soccer betting strategy is indispensable in soccer betting for beginners. If you plan carefully, using things like probability and statistical analysis, then it will be easier for you to choose winners over an extended period of time. Those who use such methods regularly rarely lose money on their bets. They may not always make as much as other bettors, but they are more likely to make a profit overall.

One avenue that can be good for first-time bettors is online betting. For beginners, this can be very convenient and simple as you can do this anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Even experienced bettors can benefit from advice on soccer betting. For beginners online, there are many people who share their knowledge in books, articles, or instructional videos online. You may want to consider following your chosen expert to learn about the best strategies for placing bets. Even online betting tips for beginners can be helpful for you. These days, there are plenty of forums and chat rooms where you can get information if you know where to look for it.

If you have the desire and patience required for sports betting, then you should be able to excel at soccer betting, too. Remember that winning will take time, but with dedication and study, there’s no reason why anyone cannot see their betting profits soar.

Beginner’s Guide

Many people are attracted to the idea of soccer betting for different reasons. Some bettors enjoy taking a break from watching games on the weekends, while others are looking for an opportunity to make some profit. Whatever your reason is, you can follow some simple steps in this betting guide for beginners in order to get started successfully.

1. There is no all-winning team

Avoid thinking that just by betting on one team, you will immediately win money because this isn’t true at all. Soccer is a very unpredictable sport, and there’s no way you’ll walk into it knowing everything about how it works. There might be countless hours where you don’t win anything, but this shouldn’t discourage you–these are part of the journey which will result in developing your own strategy, so stick with it!  

2. No such thing as an easy win

It is important to remember that there’s no such thing as an ‘easy win’ when it comes to betting–you’re most probably going to lose at some point, and over time it will even out. Set yourself a goal and try not to look at how much money you’ve spent but rather at how much profit you made after each game. If your strategy allows for bets several times a week, make sure not to spend too much of your free time researching information and placing bets since it can get a bit stressful when this starts taking up too much of your time.

3. Bookmakers are your choice

When it comes to picking a bookmaker, make sure there aren’t any withdrawal fees or commissions since this will eat away at your profits even before placing a single bet. Before opening an account, gather as much information about them as possible–check their bonuses and promotions that might be active from time to time, whether there are any awards they won, and if their payment methods have been tested by other bettors.

Soccer might look like a simple sport, but there’s actually a lot more behind it than meets the eye. Even those who only bet on soccer sporadically would benefit from learning how to play the game, so they know what happens before each match and after it ends. The more you learn about soccer, the easier it will be for you to forecast which teams have chances of winning and which ones should be avoided.

Soccer by nature is such a dynamic sport, and this means that you can’t always expect the same kinds of results as last time since anything could happen. In betting for beginners, try to learn something new about how certain teams function, which players might be injured or how.

Types of Soccer Bets

There are many different types of soccer bets that bettors can make depending on the soccer match or tournament. It’s important to know what you’re betting, as well as who and where you’re betting before committing money to soccer gambling.

A soccer bet is a wager made on an upcoming soccer match by placing money on certain criteria related to the game, such as:

  1. The number of goals scored (over/under)
  2. Which team will win (home/away)
  3. How many yellow cards or red cards will be shown?

There are other types of betting when it comes to soccer that we’ll touch on, too.

Under/over goals

The terms “under” and “over” refer to how many goals will be scored during a soccer match. For example, if you bet on over three goals, then winning your soccer bet would happen if the soccer match has four or more goals. You can also wager on how many yellow cards or red cards will be shown (see below betting options).

Away team wins

Betting on which soccer team will win while playing away from home is another common soccer bet.

Home team wins

The soccer bet on which soccer team will win while playing at home is the most common soccer bet that soccer fans make. It’s also the soccer bet that is available for most soccer leagues, including Major League Soccer, European soccer championships, and English Premier League matches.

Yellow card / red card bets

Sportsbooks offer soccer bets regarding how many yellow cards or red cards will be shown during a particular match. A “yellow card” means a caution to one of the players by an official referee, while a “red card” means expulsion from the game for having committed a serious foul or violation of the rules.


One type of soccer betting that can also be seen as a strategy is to place accumulators, where you can bet on more than one game at once. This allows for several teams that you’ve researched yourself to win in order for your bet to pay off nicely. But it is important to remember not to include too many games since this might backfire.

This form of betting requires lots of knowledge, so start out with accumulators which do not contain too many matches. Otherwise, it will be harder to choose the right outcomes. As you become more familiar with soccer betting strategies and how it all works, you can increase the number of games in one accumulator bet. The idea is to make a profit from as many bets as possible-you will then be able to place bigger stakes where your current accumulators don’t come through and still end up recovering the losses.

Choosing What To Bet On

Knowing how to win money in soccer betting requires you to have a betting system. A betting system is a process or strategy that is followed in order to decide which betting option will be most profitable. 

Betting systems are all about betting on value. Whether you are betting on the underdog or favourite, betting on value allows for continuing profit over time. Even if you have some bad luck, your betting system will allow you to make back more money than your initial investment.

One of the simplest betting systems available is to bet on the choice bet each week. Each week, there are multiple games being played, with one game that has an obvious best bet. The rest of the games are tougher to choose from because sometimes, betting on the favourite doesn’t always mean good odds of winning, and sometimes betting on the underdog doesn’t always mean good odds of winning. This betting system allows you to bet on one game each week that, if it is correct, your betting bankroll will grow at a very fast rate.

Betting on Value

Betting on value is betting on a team not because they’re going to win, but hoping they’ll get a good price. It’s betting a team when their actual chances of winning are lower than what the bookmakers believe them to be. This can be done by betting when a favourite might have an edge, but is not favoured enough that it warrants giving odds of 2/5 (1.40), for example.

In these cases, betting on underdog value means betting at longer odds in order to make more money from your bet if you win. This is because bookmakers set certain prices based on the likelihood of something happening versus how much money has been put forth in betting on the said outcome. However, different teams have different levels of form, so betting on value isn’t always betting when something is an underdog. Sometimes betting on value includes betting on soccer when the odds are in your favour because a team has underperformed recently, but you believe they can turn things around.

One way of betting on value that could have good results for bettors is to bet on soccer games against teams that are playing away games. When betting this way, bettors look at the improved performances of home teams over their last five to ten games and then assess whether there’s reason to believe they’re going to be in form in their upcoming game. If not, bettors might choose to play the draw or even the opposition instead.

Factors to Consider

The profit from betting on soccer is definitely not to be ignored. Soccer betting can be your new income source if you know how to handle it correctly. Still, there is some confusion regarding just how much profit can actually be made on soccer bets. There are many factors that will determine the profit of a soccer bet.

1) Soccer Teams’ Playing Abilities

The playing abilities of different teams vary greatly based on their form during any given moment of time or at least should vary greatly if they want to compete for top honours in leagues where they play against other teams that have a similar level of skill.

2) Injuries to Important Players

Injury problems for teams are as unfortunate as they are common. Injuries may seem random at first sight, but there are ways in which you can profit from this knowledge. It’s up to you whether you want to profit from injuries long-term or even profit immediately by placing a bet during games where players get injured. 

3) Quality of Home and Away Teams’ Players

You can profit from soccer bets even further by considering the quality of home and away teams’ players. This factor may seem rather obvious, but not many people actually take it into consideration when placing their soccer bets. It should be common knowledge that home teams often have a better team than away teams.

4) Team’s Winning Streak

The team’s winning streak is another factor that affects profit from soccer bets. When teams are on a winning streak, this means that their strength has increased greatly and that such a pattern increases the chances of another win. A good bet on soccer games should only be made when they are on a winning streak, and if you are confident about the outcome of your soccer bet, otherwise profit can easily be lost through making naive bets.

Soccer Betting Mistakes

1. Not knowing the rules

By not knowing how football works, you’re going to lose money quickly because you’re going to make errors in your soccer betting choices. Knowing the rules is important as it will allow you to predict how the games are going to unfold. If one team has an advantage over another because of something specific, such as a player being out with injury or suspension, etc., it’s better for you if you know this before placing any bets.

2. Not considering match events before placing a bet

Before making a soccer bet, take into consideration what happened previously and then think about what might happen next. However much info there may be on a particular squad, don’t simply rely on statistics from previous matches. There are many factors that can bring an impact on how a game unfolds. For instance, if there is an injury or suspension of one of the players in the squad, this is going to change the dynamics of the team, and it’s likely that they will not perform as well.

3. Ignoring your gut feelings when making bets

One of the best ways to win money with soccer betting is to trust what you feel about a particular squad or a player’s performance. If you’re not confident, then it is likely that others won’t be either, and this is going to affect the odds greatly, which can result in errors with your bets.

4. Failing to do research when choosing soccer teams to bet on

It’s better for you if you take the time to look at why others are betting on a certain squad over another. It will allow you to make errors in your bets less often. You can then create your strategy accordingly or modify it so that errors happen even less frequently than before. This is how soccer experts work, so there’s no reason why novice bettors cannot do this either.

5. Not considering your financial possibilities when making soccer bets

Don’t overextend yourself by betting what you cannot afford to lose. Unfortunately, betting mistakes in soccer can happen to those who might not be experienced enough, but you should still do your best to avoid errors as much as possible.

6. Betting too much on one particular bet

If you make errors by putting all of your eggs in the same basket, it’s likely that errors will happen more often than they should. If you want errors in soccer prediction to happen less frequently, bet with a spread instead of placing all your money on one bet. You are making these common mistakes, and the truth is, these are bound to happen when it comes to soccer predictions and what is important is that you limit them.