Beginner’s Guide for Soccer Betting Online

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with more than 200 million players from around the globe who play and are passionate about it. The World Cup is the most significant evidence of how people embrace and love this sport so bad. Soccer fans are more than willing to spend simply to see their favourite teams and players compete at the World Cup.

One of the reasons why this sport is so popular is its simplicity. You do not have to be the most talented and skilled to play soccer. Anyone can enjoy kicking a ball and trying to score a goal. The fun this game brings is for kids of all ages. Another good reason for its popularity is that you can play soccer in the streets even when there is no football field in your area. Soccer is all about having fun which makes the sport so universal.

It is already a given that soccer is a fun sport, but another aspect of fun it can bring to the table is the betting games that can go along with it. A lot of fans do not only cheer for their teams to win but also for their bets to push through. What makes online soccer betting exciting are the available wagers that you can choose from and not just the regular moneyline bets. If you want to try out soccer betting, this betting guide for beginners is your perfect resource.

Getting To Know Soccer Betting

There can be more than ten soccer games happening worldwide every day at both professional and amateur levels. All these games are open for betting on online betting sites. Some betting sites even include odd soccer leagues abroad as options to have more games available on their betting board. The different timelines are also advantageous as they can be open for bets 24/7.

Let us first know the basics of soccer betting before digging deeper into the more complicated side of things. Soccer is a sport played between two teams composed of eleven players each. Players cannot use their arms or hands and only use their feet, body, and head to score a goal. The only players in the game who can touch the ball with their hands are the team’s respective goalies. A soccer game is 90 minutes long divided into two halves with a 15-minute break scheduled at halftime.

The average score in a regular soccer game is typically low because scoring a goal in this sport is not easy. Some games even end up with a tie score or a draw. The low scores are not really a factor in betting wagers for soccer betting. There are multiple options that you can choose to bet on in soccer betting. Let us discuss some of them later on in this betting for beginners article.

Playing the Odds Game

Online betting for beginners can be intimidating at first since you are still not familiar with the betting board or the betting site’s interface. You’ll see all the games available and the possible wagers available for each game. There will be numbers everywhere that serve as game odds. There can possibly be advertisements on the web page that contribute to the confusion.

There are always game odds in place in soccer online betting to keep things interesting and unpredictable. Bets can get lopsided without these odds as bettors will always go with favourites. For example, for a game between the best team in the league against the worst team in the standings, people will easily pick the best team for their bets. 

However, if game odds put some handicap on the heavily-favoured team, the bettors will now think twice and could go the other direction. Aside from the handicap on the scores, game odds can also affect winnings wherein favourable picks can win less money while underdogs can win more cash. You get yourself acquainted even more once you start placing bets firsthand. There are different types of wagers, odds and betting options you’d get to meet later on. 

An additional tip I can give in soccer betting for beginners online is to have at least a little bit of soccer knowledge. It is a huge plus to be knowledgeable of the sport when betting. You can also watch some of the games live or on the TV to get familiar with teams, players, and their game tendencies.

Wagers Available in Online Soccer Betting

1. Double Chance

A double chance is one of the play-it-safe options in soccer betting ideal for beginners. As the name suggests, you have two chances of winning this game. There will be game possibilities given as options, and you will pick two out of them. If any of your picks wins, then you win the game.

2. Draw No Bet

Here is another play-it-safe wager option ideal for beginners at soccer betting. You can only pick on a possible winning team as your bet, and the draw option is closed. If the game ends up in a draw, then all bettors of this wager end up getting their money back.

3. Handicap/Asian Handicap

A handicap wager is an advanced option in soccer betting. As mentioned earlier, handicaps are placed on superior teams or advantage is given to inferior teams to leverage the bets. Without these handicaps and odds, it will be easy for bettors to bet on teams, and the popular vote will win most of the time. The handicap/odds are necessary to keep the game interesting and the banker safe from bankruptcy.

The Asian Handicap is a more complex form of wager, but we can discuss that topic next time around in a different article. Such a complex handicap does not fit online betting tips for beginners at soccer betting articles.

4. Correct Score

This type of wager is quite simple to understand but difficult to win. You simply have to guess the final score of a soccer game, and if you get it right, you win the pot money. This wager is cool because losses add up to the pot money. The banker only receives a small percentage of the amount from losses.

5. Halftime Results

All other wagers apply here except that the basis will be the results at the end of the 1st half and not the final results at the end of the game. Other sportsbooks also use the 2nd half separately for this type of wager. This option is ideal for all types of bettors. It is added to the options to give more variations and betting opportunities on the betting board.

6. First & Last Goal Scorer

The First and Last Goal Scorer are two different wagers of the same mould. As the names suggest, you pick a player who you think can make the game’s first goal, and then you pick another player as your last goal scorer. You can choose the same player for both wagers, and you can also pick players from different teams in the game. If your guess is correct, then you win the wager. Keep in mind that The First and Last Goal Scorer are two separate wagers and each must be won separately. Also, the players you choose do not have to be on the winning team of the game in order to win the wager.

7. Total Goals (Over/Under)

This wager is also perfect for beginners as it is easy to win, and there are only two choices you can bet on. The banker sets a target number for a specific game. You can predict the total scores (sum of the scores of both teams) of that particular game, whether it will be above or below the target number. If your guess is correct, then your wager is successful. Here is an example; target score is set at 4 and you predict the above option as your bet. If the final score is 3-2, then you win the game since the total is 5 (3+2).

There are many more different kinds of wager in online soccer betting, but we only tackled the ones applicable for beginners and intermediate bettors. It is best advisable that you get to experience and enjoy the game firsthand for you to conclude which wager options are suitable to your liking and preferences. As professional bettors say so, there are also specific wagers that a player is lucky at winning.


Once you can explore the basics of soccer online betting, it is much easier to transition into the more advanced wager options and complicated betting programs available. Going through the basics is mandatory before you can make the most out of your online soccer betting experience. I hope this simple beginner’s guide for online betting has helped answer your questions about the game and clarify aspects that are unclear to you.