7 Sports Websites You Should Be Reading

There’s a huge audience in sports. But news about it only came after some time. And now, the internet allows the world to know about all the sports events. People can now stream it live at the comfort of their homes.

But a more important aspect of a sports website is its analysis. Many people also bet on these sports leagues. And so, they need some guide to have them place a good bet. But not all sports websites do that, and those who do are far better. 

If you remember last time, we made a list of the same category. And so, here’s another batch of sports websites you should follow.


Chasing A Cup

Are you a huge fan of American soccer? Then we have for you! It’s a USMNT news site that reports on American soccer. There’s also a good focus on the U.S. Men’s National and Youth National teams. 

Since 2016, provides exclusive player interviews. And the reports on the MLS and USL edge out against other blog sites.

So, is great if you’re looking for some insights on American soccer. And if you’re trying to expand your soccer knowledge, then it’s also a good start to the said soccer. 


Soccerbaze sports

If you live for football, is for you. It only started in 2019, yet is now bringing some of the best football news out there. And readers get access to different transfers, live scores, and historical facts! How cool is that?

And now, the team mentioned giving its viewers more. They’re expanding the platform to let their viewers get airtime and earn money too. Now that’s community-centric. 



Are you gearing up on the next Premier League? If that’s the case, we recommend for you. It’s a blog centered around the English Premier League. But it also looks after Manchester United and Bundesliga. And it covers the Champions League, Serie A, Ligue A, and other European leagues.

The great thing about a site that has a specific niche is the quality. And does that! It started in 2020, not only bringing news but also educating its readers about football.

And if you’re not a fan of football, don’t worry! also brings the latest happenings in other sports. There’s boxing, basketball, etc.



When we talk about an old site, it’s YouCoach. It started in 2013 and still thrives in the soccer site industry. But what’s more is how specific its target is: coaches. 

If you want to be a coach, the site offers educational blogs and tools. And by tools, we mean legitimate methods. You can call it the Khan Academy for coaching a soccer team. 

But the methods you learn aren’t only for coaching. Readers say they’re helpful for players, too. They get to absorb skills way faster than without the guides. 

There’s a repository containing blogs, guides, and videos about soccer. And their team is also working on launching a mobile app for the site. 


Neymar is a growing name in football. And you wouldn’t believe that many are eyeing him. And that’s where comes into the picture.

It’s a website dedicated to Neymar. It might raise some brows but their content is top-notch. It’s centered around Neymar. But the context and analysis apply to all leagues he goes to,

And the site has been running since 2014. So, if you want a different perspective on Neymar and his career, check it out. 



Football tactics don’t get the attention they deserve. Which is why Numbr.OneTwo provides a platform for the community to talk about it. 

If you’re looking to read some tactics that players, groups, and teams make, check it out. Since 2019, the blog now contains tactics in blog and video forms. 

And it’s definitely more fun knowing things that happen behind the attacks.



Since 2022, Footballrover has been the home for the best football news. If you’re looking to catch up on the biggest soccer leagues, Footballrover has you covered.

What’s more is that you don’t only get news from the site. You have access to live scores, transfers, and games. The site also promotes inclusivity when delivering news. So, there’s a lot of women leagues that they follow!

Footballrover is an ambition that takes root from a passion in football. It’s not long ago since it started. But, the quality of the articles and how proactive the team is tells a lot about its positive future.

And there you have it! That’s the top 7 sports websites we recommend. Whether you want to learn, analyze, or bet on some big sports events, here are your go-to sites. You can expect a great time with each offer to its readers. 

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