Fifteen Spanish Women Footballers Resign to Remove Coach

Fifteen Spanish Women Footballers Resign to Remove Coach

Fifteen of Spain’s top women footballers quit the national team. It is because of their head coach’s training. The techniques are causing mental and physical injury.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation made a statement on Thursday. It received 15 emails from 15 players. They are requesting not to be picked. They added that the players disagreed with national team coach Jorge Vilda and his staff.

It was unique in football history. It is both for men and women globally.

Players stated in their resignation letters. The present scenario has affected their emotional condition and health.

According to Reuters, the players were dissatisfied with how injuries were handled. They don’t like the environment in the locker room. It includes Vilda’s team selection and training.

Coach Gets Support

The Federation and the Spanish Football Association support the coach.

The Federation gave a statement. It will not enable the players to doubt the continuity of the national coach. It is because making those decisions is not within their powers.

The Federation will not accept any form of pressure from any athlete. These actions are not exemplary. They are contrary to football and sports ideals. Lastly, they are destructive.

The Spanish Football Association said the players would be barred. They cannot return to the national squad. 

This is until they own their mistake and ask forgiveness.

According to the Federation, the players’ action is a high-risk decision. Refusing to fulfil a call-up for a national team is considered a rebellion.

 It is a very serious violation. And it is punishable by two to five years of disqualification.
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