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Gianluca Scamacca To Transfer to West Ham

One of Italy’s best players, Gianluca Scamacca, is on his way to West Ham United to provide David Moyes with another striker option. CBS Sports insider Fabrizio Romano has stated that West Ham has agreed to a €36 million contract with Scamacca. Due to add-ons, the deal is worth an extra €6 million. It includes a 10% sell-on provision to ensure Sassuolo obtains a windfall if he continues his upward trajectory. Personal terms are already agreed upon, so this should become public soon.

West Ham’s primary problem last season was a lack of squad depth. The team struggled through a dry spell in which Michail Antonio failed to score in 15 league appearances for the Hammers. Due to a shortage of forwarding alternatives other than Jarrod Bowen, Moyes was compelled to play Antonio through his problems. He was already serving as a starting flank, but that might change quickly.

Scamacca still requires improvement. West Ham is paying him because they believe he can help them quickly after scoring 16 goals in Serie A last season. 

Gianluca Scamacca

He marginally surpassed his anticipated goal production of 11.49, which was easy to do considering that 46.8 per cent of his shots were on target. Furthermore, compared to another top forwards, Scamacca did not shoot much. Only Scamacca, Giovanni Simeone, and Gerad Deulofeu of Serie A’s top ten scorers played in 30 games despite taking fewer than 100 shots. Scamcca’s 3.30 shots per 90 minutes last season ranked him 16th among Serie A players who played more than 900 minutes. However, 2.72 shots per 90 were not blocked, placing them 11th in Serie A.

A player who tries fewer shots but has a higher percentage on target is more likely to thrive on service. Domenico Berardi also assisted in the Sassuolo attack and did so for Scamacca. Moyes and West Ham benefited from the profile as well. 

When they go to a side where they aren’t the dominant offensive option, some attackers fail to acclimatise to a decline in shots. Scamacca looks to be the player who, rather than needing to dominate the ball, will thrive on the help he receives from West Ham’s superb wingers.

Gianluca Scamacca

Scamacca’s performance against higher-level opponents was a cause for worry in terms of Premier League acclimatisation. Only four of his goals came against teams who finished in the top seven in the previous season. The other 12 came against clubs that finished 14th on average in the league, demonstrating that he did the greatest damage against the bottom half. While this is encouraging for a young player, it does point to a time of adjustment in England. Things are much more stuffed in the middle of the pack. Even newly promoted teams may be a problem.

Scamacca is a fantastic aerialist, winning 56.7% of his aerial duels, which will impress Moyes. West Ham is also interested in Filip Kostic, which may result in a three-man defence with a swarm of crosses from the left side to Antonio and Scamacca.

Looking at Scamacca’s shooting decisions, it’s clear that the first thing Moyes will aim to change about Scamacca’s game is his shooting decisions. 

Antonio took 14 of his 83 shots from beyond the box last season. Moyes wants his strikers to remain in the box and shoot from high-percentage areas. 

Last season, Scamacca was given more freedom in a looser Sassuolo team. Even if he’s playing with Antonio, he’ll need to keep things under control.

Scamacca, being a versatile player, can either lead the line or collaborate with another attacker. Nonetheless, he will need time to adjust to Premier League life. Things are unlikely to go well if he is thrown into the fire since West Ham desperately needs a solution. However, if this is a temporary measure, it might be quite beneficial. Moyes is known for taking his time integrating new signings, so if Scamacca follows suit, this might be a significant coup for the Hammers. Antonio is 32 years old, and Scamacca might be the component that transforms the team’s forward line from yesterday to tomorrow.

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