Premier League

How many matches are there in the Premier League season?

Every soccer fan knows about it, but many people are still clueless about the English Premier League (EPL). Also known as the Premier League in the United Kingdom, EPL is is recognized as the highest tier of soccer competition in Europe. What does it mean to be at the top of the level, anyway? Every European country has its own sports league, but it’s not a matter of competition. For instance, Scotland has its league and tries to stay exclusive to playing in it. There are also significant leagues in England, Italy, Spain, and Germany, but the EPL tops all of them overall.

And if you want to ask, the prestigious status of the Premier League pushes it to get only the best players who can play. This setup entails a wider platform for people to play, interact, and train for the whole duration of the league. It might sound a bit vague right now, but you’ll see how it actually works later.

Many famous players hope to play in the Premier League for many reasons, but the main one has to do with the celebrity status they gain after competing there. They don’t even have to win, and it’s already beneficial to them. But to better understand how the Premier League functions and answer basic questions such as when does Premier League season start, then stick around reading this article.

Overview of the Premier League

If you want to know what happens when the EPL League starts, then you must first know when it takes place. It’s quite a rollercoaster to define the structure of the said league despite having so few teams playing. The league starts in August and has no winter break for its 20 teams until May. Though having no breaks throughout was originally the case for EPL, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) made it a point that they give at least six days of rest, especially when some winters become unbearable.

Premier League Champions
Premier League Champions

As mentioned, 20 teams from the best picks of the clubs play a total of 38 matches within their country and outside during the entire season. Since there are 20 teams, and every team faces the other 19 teams twice in one season, then you get 38 matches. You can just imagine some lapses that could happen with regards to the players’ health, but for the most part, the Premier League season is a stringent competition for those who can brave through the league.

But you also have to consider how there’s a pyramid in the EPL, and how it divides the teams who go from the highest up to the lowest of the rankings. Only four gets to the top to compete, and they advance to the Champions League play-off. The fifth placer saves a spot to the UEFA Europa League, while the sixth and seventh placers qualify as substitutes if ever a tea from the high ranks pulls out from the out-rounds.

You might think that there are so many ways that one team dominates the league, but this is far from being true, which adds to how random the league can be for its players. So, people are always excited to look at who will win the season’s league, and stay active in supporting their bets for the whole run of the league.

Reasons why people anticipate it

It’s not a misnomer that the reach of the Premier League is vast. Sure, the competition doesn’t take as many people as other sports leagues would, but the competition for the cup is cutthroat, and only the best players from the designated countries can play in the said league. Different styles of gameplay, coupled with more significant fan bases meeting in one place, turn other people’s heads around.

There are numerous reasons why people are excited to watch the EPL Premier League. The primary reason has to do with how esteemed the sport is, that any sort of betting in it would amount to higher bets than a sports league ranking below the EPL. You might not know this yet, but people betting on their favorite teams and hoping they win for profit is very common in European culture, especially the United Kingdom. 

When you attend the EPL, don’t be surprised by the long lines of people making their bets in a bookmaker’s booth while the game is ongoing. It’s really just a matter of people hoping to get some more out of their entertainment when they leave the stadium or less. But today, online processes make it possible for you to watch the Premier League and bet on your team on your computer or phone. So, if you’re looking to find a new bet for this coming season, then you should stay tuned for the EPL’s updates on the upcoming season.