Greece Tightens Security on Soccer Fandom

Soccer Fan

Greek authorities promise to end the looming violence amongst soccer fans in the country. The sports commission, the national police, and the local government are working together to develop laws that may help protect soccer fan and soccer organisations.

Last 1 Feb 2022, a 19-year old resident of Thessaloniki was stabbed and beaten by suspected gang members in the Northern area of Thessaloniki, Greece. Two others were also left injured due to the attacks that happened right outside Aris FC Stadium.

After a thorough investigation, the authorities found out that the victim, Alkis Kambanos, is a die-hard fan of Aris FC. At the same time, the alleged attackers are supporters of rival soccer team PAOK. Gang activities are also under investigation since the attackers were fully equipped with wooden bats, a knife, metal pipes, and a bladed hook. The latter was used to stab Kambanos.

Nine people were already arrested in connection to the crime. The court also issued arrest warrants for two other suspects who remain at large.

Recent Attack is a Crime of Passion

The recent attacks have alarmed political groups in Greece and have drawn different opinions revolving around the crime. Suppose the suspected gang-related activities are proven to be irrelevant, and the attackers are simply concluded as hardcore fans. In that case, this latest tragedy can be labelled as a crime of passion.

Greek Soccer fans

We already know the passion of Greeks towards the sport of soccer. It proves too much when violence becomes a part of the competition. “How can this (murder) happen over a soccer team?” These were the exact words from the victim’s father, Aristides Kambanos, during an interview with the state TV network. He and his wife were vocal in demanding justice for their son and urged authorities to look at this alarming situation. None of this should happen in the future.

Greek authorities are thinking of establishing laws around soccer organisations and fan clubs. Letting these groups register under the government can be a possibility. As registered groups, leaders can take responsibility for growing tension among soccer fans and prevent violence early on.

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