World's First Soccer-Themed Hotel for FIFA World Cup

Dubai Amazes with the World’s First Soccer-Themed Hotel for FIFA World Cup 2022

With official housing choices in Qatar for people attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup getting overcrowded, an appealing lodging option looms on the horizon: Dubai’s first soccer-themed hotel. Learn more about the benefits of this option.

Soccer passion is progressively spreading over the world. This occurs every four years as a result of the FIFA World Cup, the sport’s most prominent championship. With Qatar 2022 on the horizon, some challenges must be addressed to guarantee that the event is fully enjoyed.

The problem of accommodation is one among them. Those who are fortunate enough to obtain one of the 2 million tickets available for Qatar 2022 must ensure that they will have a pleasant place to relax after hours of soccer excitement.

As a result, with many of the official lodging choices for the next FIFA World Cup already sold out, alternatives have evolved to ensure that many fans have a positive experience when visiting Qatar in 2022. One of them may be found in the following lines of this narrative.

Soccer-Themed Hotel in Dubai for FIFA World Cup 2022

The global hotel chain NH announced its entry into the Middle East market in May 2021. It sought to do this by constructing an upscale hotel with 533 rooms on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, one of the most populated cities in the United Arab Emirates.

Soccer-Themed Hotel in Dubai for FIFA World

The Hotel NH Dubai The Palm hotel is scheduled to debut in November 2022, just in time for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. And it could not be presented to the world in any other way. It will be the region’s first soccer-themed hotel, offering a variety of amenities to all soccer enthusiasts visiting Qatar 2022.

Soccer-Themed Hotel Facilities and Services

The first concern would be how a hotel for supporters visiting Qatar 2022 may be developed when it is located in Dubai. This is the significant advantage provided by the NH Dubai The Palm. A first-rate lodging choice is offered, allowing you to travel easily and effectively to the FIFA World Cup host country.

It’s worth mentioning that Dubai is only one hour and fifteen minutes by aircraft from Hamad International Airport, Qatar’s international gateway. Similarly, the journey by automobile is 6 hours, which may be overcome with preparation and discipline.

The soccer-themed hotel in Dubai offers the option of purchasing packages that include lodging as well as round-trip transportation from Dubai to Qatar on match days. Return transfers from hotel to airport and airport to the stadium are included. Qatar 2022 match tickets are not included.

Hotel Cost

Expat Sport, a Dubai travel firm, offers several packages for staying in Dubai and having transportation to Qatar on FIFA World Cup match days. There are three packages available: four, eight, and twelve nights in a single or double accommodation with a buffet breakfast. Prices are for one person.

  • $1,290 + taxes for a four-night package (1 return trip to Qatar).
  • $2,580 + taxes for an 8-night package (2 return flights to Qatar).
  • $3,870 + taxes for a 12-night package (3 return flights to Qatar).

The facility at the NH Dubai The Palm is the hotel where you can watch the FIFA World Cup. Those who like to stay at the soccer-themed Dubai hotel will have access to amenities. These are large rooms with coffee and tea-making facilities, an infinity pool on the top, a modern lounge, a gym, an all-day eating restaurant, and a sports bar.

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