FIFA Allows 26-Man Squads for World Cup 2022 2

FIFA Allows 26-Man Squads for World Cup 2022

FIFA has declared that World Cup teams would be expanded from 23 to 26 players. The decision was driven by the FIFA Council Bureau, which comprises FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the presidents of the six confederations. This was a conclusion when the International Football Association Board approved five substitutes as permanent additions to the game’s rules earlier this month.

A few essential things are reinforced in FIFA’s announcement, including the fact that release squads would be enlarged from 35 to 55. These are the preliminary squad lists from which the final matchday roster is selected. If someone in the matchday squad is injured, they can only be replaced by someone from the preliminary squad list. The final 26 players for the World Cup must be decided by November 13.

Finally, the squad bench will be limited to 26 people: 15 replacements and 11 team officials. The World Cup will be held in air-conditioned stadiums in Qatar in November. Team changes and greater substitutions will assist players in staying fresh owing to a lack of a suitable winter break after a long summer.

Effect on The United States Team

Fortunately for the United States men’s national team manager Gregg Berhalter, he had believed for months that teams would be fixed to 26 and had proceeded accordingly. He confessed that if they were reduced to 23, he’d have to make some difficult decisions. In the most recent roster forecast, it was mentioned how versatile the US team is. With five subs, Berhalter can modify the entire gameplan in one substitution window. When it comes to replacing windows.

Five Subs Process

Managers are expected to make replacements over three periods of play. This prevents them from having more opportunities to add additional stoppage time to matches. If a manager makes two subs in the 60th minute and one in the 65th, the next two subs must be made simultaneously. If they decide to create one more sub after that, they will use all of the remaining windows, and the fifth sub will be virtually burnt. Substitutions done during halftime do not count toward these time limits.

Consistency With Other Leagues

FIFA has declared that World Cup teams would be expanded from 23 to 26 players.
FIFA has declared that World Cup teams would be expanded from 23 to 26 players.

It was just a matter of time until FIFA reached this choice, with the Premier League and other European leagues adopting larger teams and more substitutes. Managers and players have adapted well to larger squads. It has the added bonus of providing more opportunities for young players to gain minutes when a game is expected to be won.

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