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Who are the Best Soccer Referees?

The most outstanding soccer referees are fair and will call a timeout if a player is hurt. Soccer referees keep order on the field of play and serve as objective judges of player behaviour and substitution offences.

Did you realise soccer referees are more important than players and coaches worldwide? They decide whether a goal is genuine, whether a red card is required, and when a yellow card is sufficient for the player who violated the rules. They can also stop games due to turbulent weather or other factors. Some argue that soccer referees are more essential than coaches since they decide who wins and who loses. Let’s see who are they. The following are the best soccer referees in no particular order:

Paul Tierney

Paul Tierney is an English football referee known for his tenure as a Premier League official. He has gained several honours and praise for his work as a referee. He is presently a member of the Lancashire Football Association, one of England’s most famous footballing associations.

Tierney officiated in 18 matches since joining the FIFA list of referees, including games in the FA Cup, EFL Cup, and UEFA Europa League. Throughout those games, he had issued 77 yellow cards and one red card, for an average of 4.8 yellow cards and 0.2 red cards per match.

Tierney has also worked as a Football Development Officer for the English Football League and National List Official for the Professional Game Match Officials Limited.

Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver, born in Gloucestershire, is an English professional football referee member of the Select Group of Referees in England. He has been elevated from the Premier League’s Select Group to the Premier League’s National List of Referees. He also serves on the board of the Northumberland Football Association and is a county FA referee.

Oliver has refereed 19 Premier League matches in his career, issuing 59 yellow cards and one red card.

Mike Dean

Mike Dean is one of the most powerful referees in the world today. On the English professional football circuit, he is a major league referee noted for making fair and competent judgements. He’s excellent at building relationships with players, managers, and coaches, and he’s capable of defusing even the most heated arguments. 

Indeed, he has established a reputation early in his career for being calm under pressure and thinking swiftly when something unexpected occurs on the field. Dean is in charge of 17 matches and has issued 54 yellow cards during those matches. This is another red and yellow card combination.

Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss had been a professional English football referee in the Premier League. In 2014, he was elevated to the FIFA Select Group of Referees, indicating that he is one of the top referees in the world. His outstanding performance earned him the right to referee high-profile events such as the Champions League and FA Cup finals. He tended to issue many yellow cards but maintained a nice balance between that and red cards. He had 36 yellows and 4 red and yellow card combinations in 17 matches.

Anthony Taylor

We’ve had a lot of terrific soccer officials throughout the years, but Anthony Taylor was one of the greatest. As the Premier League’s principal referee, he ensured that matches were conducted fairly and that players and coaches followed the game’s rules. 

Since 2010, he has served as a FIFA Select Group referee and was awarded England’s finest referee. When he is not officiating Premier League or FA Cup games, he officiates European and international competitions, such as UEFA Champions League fixtures. He has so far officiated 17 international matches. He has issued 69 yellow cards and two red cards to players who were either breaching the rules or simply being rude to one other.

Martin Atkinson

Martin Atkinson, an English referee, is regarded as one of the top soccer referees in 2022. Atkinson has a long history of refereeing in the Premier League, giving him a depth of knowledge that few can match. He has issued 36 yellow and two red cards for fouls in his 16 matches this season. He is also the chief referee for a few Primary League matches. He has been commended for his fair, no-nonsense attitude to all games in which he has been involved.

Despite this notoriety, Atkinson does not believe he has achieved his prime and continues to strive for better results.

Craig Pawson

Craig Pawson is an outstanding referee who deserves recognition for his outstanding career. For many years, he has succeeded as an English football referee. 

He was elevated to FIFA’s Select Group of Referees in 2013, making him one of England’s most highly rated referees. He officiated several high-profile matches, notably Manchester United vs Chelsea. He was known for making sound rulings and awarding harsh penalties.

His approach has been described as “authoritarian and firm” due to his ability to manage the match. He remains cool even when players argue with him. He has so far officiated 17 matches, issuing 75 yellow cards and one red card.

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David Coote

David Coote is a well-known referee in the United Kingdom. Throughout his career, he has officiated numerous matches. He has refereed in three major international tournaments: the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Euro, and the UEFA Champions League final.

During the Premier League season, he officiated 16 games, including Chelsea’s match against Cardiff City, Everton’s match against West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa’s match against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur’s match against Manchester United, and Newcastle United’s match against Arsenal. Throughout his duties, he issued 36 yellow cards and 2 red cards.

Andre Marriner

Andre Marriner is a member of the Premier League’s Select Group of Referees and has officiated in the Premier League, Football League Championship, and FA Cup. Throughout his career, he has officiated over a dozen matches. 

As a referee, he presided over 13 games, 11 of which were in the Premier League. He also refereed four matches in the English Football League Championship and one in the FA Cup. He issued 48 yellow cards and 1 red card during his stint as a referee.

Stuart Attwell

Stuart Attwell is regarded as one of the world’s top soccer referees. He is an English professional football referee most recognised as the Premier League’s youngest ever. Attwell has served as a referee in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Football League Cup, and Football League Championship. He is on the FIFA International Referees List. He is most known for supervising 13 matches and issuing 42 yellow cards and one red card.


The best referees are well-known for making clear and precise calls whilst remaining neutral and not influenced by team affiliation). They must also be in good physical condition. Referees officiate Premier League matches (the highest professional level of play) to guarantee that the whole game is performed ethically. The referees mentioned above are the best of the best.

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