Soccer Fans Ask Fifa to Pay Qatar's Migrant Workers 2

Soccer Fans Ask Fifa to Pay Qatar’s Migrant Workers

Most football fans from 15 nations want FIFA to pay Qatar migrant workers. It is because of human rights violations during the 2022 World Cup preparations.

YouGov polled more than 17,000 fans from 15 countries. 10 were European. It revealed that 73% supported it. And 10% disagreed.

67% agreed their national football associations should speak out. This is about the World Cup’s human rights concerns. It includes compensation for foreign workers.

Soccer Fans Urge FIFA

People worldwide want to see FIFA stand up. FIFA should repay the migrant workers in Qatar. This is according to Amnesty International’s Head of Economic and Social Justice. Steve Cockburn said.

The past cannot be changed. A compensation method is clear and simple. FIFA and Qatar must deliver at least some efforts to the hundreds of thousands of employees. They made this event possible.

FIFA stated that steps have been ongoing recently. This is to strengthen worker protection in Qatar.

FIFA acknowledges the survey of Amnesty International. It included respondents from ten European nations and five from the rest of the globe.

Soccer Fans Urge FIFA

Respondents may be unaware of the safeguards by FIFA and its Qatari partners. This is to protect workers in implementing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In May, Amnesty International urged FIFA to put aside $440 million. This is to compensate migrant workers in Qatar for human rights violations.

FIFA stated in May that it was evaluating Amnesty’s proposal. It reimbursed some employees. Workers had received $22.6 million as of December 20, 2021.

The Qatari government has said that its labour system is developing. It has denied the claim that thousands of migrant workers are still mistreated.

Amnesty International also demanded FIFA and Qatar refund unpaid salaries. Pay recruiting fees paid by hundreds of thousands of employees. It includes compensation for injuries and fatalities.

The programme should also encourage future measures to promote workers’ rights.
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