Ukraine Premier League

Ukraine Premier League is Suspended

Russian Attacks Stops Ukraine Premier League and Other Sports

The Ukraine Premier League suspends all of its operations until further notice as Russian attacks on Ukraine. There was growing tension between the two countries for the past weeks, and it has finally blown into military attacks.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy placed the entire country under martial law in response to the ongoing crisis which affects the Ukraine Premier League and all other sports associations and organisations in the country on hold. No specific dates were given for the matches to resume.

Foreign players signed to the Ukraine Premier League are now asking for help from their respective countries to help them and their families leave and evacuate the country. In a separate social media post, we can see the Brazilian players of football clubs Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk posting a video of themselves and their families asking for help from the Brazilian embassy to help their evacuation. The players and their families are currently stuck in a hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Meanwhile, talks for the Paralympics, which is about to start in China next week, are still ongoing. The International Paralympic Committee talks with sports officials from Russia and Ukraine regarding their status for the upcoming Paralympic Games.

Ukraine Premier League is Suspended
Ukraine Premier League is Suspended

“The IPC is in dialogue with both the Ukrainian and Russian Paralympic Committees ahead of the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games. As a politically neutral organisation, the IPC’s focus remains on the upcoming Games rather than the ongoing situation.” IPC said via email.

As reported in the past weeks, Russia has already been barred in the Paralympics from 4-13 of March 2022 due to doping allegations. However, the team is still bound to compete as RPC (Russian Paralympic Committee).

The world completely understands both countries are in the middle of a serious crisis, and everyone is hoping for a diplomatic resolution to end all this. Both countries have better priorities at the moment. However, sports organisations remain firm in choosing a politically neutral approach to sports development involving both Ukraine and Russia.

The attacks by Russia on Ukraine are still ongoing as of this writing. Calls for peace from all around the world have bombarded the internet.

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